Natural Colors and Flavours


Nowadays majority of the industry is migrating from synthetic dyes to the natural ones. Our partnership with world leading companies Diana Naturals, D.D.Williamson and other European suppliers allow us to be really competetive in this field:

  • Red Beet Juice Conc;
  • Purple Carrot Juice Conc;
  • Caramel colors;
  • Carmin;
  • Curcumin;
  • Beta Carotene;
  • Others.

High flexibility of our partners flavours producers for confectionery, dairy, cereals and snacks, dressings and many other applications.

Diana Naturals' vegetable, fruit and berry powders, flakes and crunches. They give not only natural flavour and color, but also posibilty to have declaration on the label "containing fruits..."