Beverages and more...



Flavours and emulsions for beverages

  • Wide assortment of flavours for production of soft drinks, syrups, functional drinks, juices and alcohol...
 Energiniai gerimai

Premixes of Vitamins and Minerals, functional ingredients allow you you to step out of the competitors row:

  • Ready dry mixes and emulsions for production of energy drinks;
  • Taylor made Mixes of Vitamis and Minerals composed according to your recipe;
  • Functional adds (taurin, coenzyme Q10 (watersoluble), L-carnitine, etc.);

 Sweetener blends:

  • Intense sweetener blends for soft drinks;
  • Sweetener blends for Cider, Wine drinks, Spirits and Alcopops ;
  • Sucralose and its blends.
  • Stevia